How to get started in golf without spending too much – from woman’s perspective

People often complain how expensive of a sport golf is, and for most players, golf clubs make up the vast majority of expenses. But it’s only relative – golf can be cheap than a lot of other sports and hobbies. You have an option to opt for affordable golf clubs and accessories, which are very affordable even for middle class people. Especially if you’re beginner – you don’t have to spend a lot, and having too many fancy golf clubs might even hurt your game, because you won’t know how to use them. So even if you’re filthy rich and can afford to spare thousands of dollars for your golf set, I’d recommend starting with two hundred dollar Callaway golf set, and improving your golf set from there. There are a lot of full golf club sets that go for between one to two hundred bucks, which is perfectly normal for most Americans. If even that’s too expensive for you, you can always choose to buy used clubs in good condition. Flaw of buying used golf clubs is that sellers usually aren’t honest about condition and try to pass their mediocre-looking clubs as like new. But Callaway’s official used club store and Amazon are both quite trustworthy. If you have some spare time, also consider going on garage sales, so you can inspect the product firsthand and not by looking at pictures. You’d be surprised how often people get great bargain clubs on garage sales. Also don’t be fooled by the whole marketing lies about exclusivity of womens and mens golf clubs. Both are quite similar, it’s just that golf clubs for women are made short because ladies tend to be shorter than men. But if you’re tall, I’d say above 5’10, don’t dismiss men’s golf club sets either. Here are great suggestions for both – tall and short women.

You should also ask yourself – how serious are you about playing golf? Do you see it as competitive sport that you might want to pursue for the rest of your life, or just a distraction for couple of weekends a year? If it’s the latter, spending a lot of money on golf clubs is unjustified.

But even if it’s the former, you should definitely start out low profile and improve your clubs once your skills improve as well. Cheap club sets are perfectly good for practicing and casual golf, which is all you need when you’re starting out. But if you decide to pursue playing golf, clubs won’t be the biggest expenses. Miscellaneous accessories that you have to buy and membership fees combined are a lot more than decent golf clubs, so look out for those. But in the beginning, you can go lean by single entrance fees and borrowing stuff from your golfer friends if you have any.

I guess that’s it, I hope my tutorial helped.

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