Getting a scholarship as golfer and making your living with it

I get asked this question a lot. Everyone knows that being good at sports is one of the best ways of getting into selective schools, and people are curious whether playing golf will do them any good. To be honest, I don’t know, but I’ve never heard of anyone getting into Harvard for just their handicap or good swing. You might have a real shot if you participate in juniors tournaments and do well, but that’s very rare. So if you intend to play golf for facilitating college admission process, I would recommend against it. Plus, children are rarely interested in playing golf at such young age, and as a parent, it would be unwise to force them into doing it. But if they are in fact interested, you should buy them decent childrens club set and give it as a gift on christmas or their birthdays. You can see some recommendations at :  .

But don’t go overboard either. In my opinion, children need to experience what it is like to not always have exactly what you want and having to settle for the mediocre. Some people will disagree, but I think it actually benefits them, and gives them real view of the world. Good kids golf club sets can be found for under two hundred dollars, so expect to spend around that amount. Quality will be great, but these clubs are mass produced, and might not have the best materials possible, because they have to keep the costs down. But for the price, you can’t go wrong with kids full golf sets. Buying clubs individually is practically ripoff compared to buying the whole set.

If you and your kid are very passionate about getting into good college easily, I would recommend fencing. It does take time and practice as most sports do, but it’s not that complicated and can be mastered in a few years tops. Obviously it won’t be easy, but nothing, especially Harvard admission comes easily in life, and it will be a good lesson for transitioning to adult life.

But even though golf scholarships are hard to come by, there do exist smaller junior competitions and prizes that can be won if you’re really good. You can also give golfing lessons to your fellow college kids part time, so you can get to experience entrepreneurship as well.

To sum up, there are a lot of ways for motivated kid to make a living in college, and all it takes is knowledge in one specific field and determination. And if you’re excellent golfer and know a lot about golf, those skills are very likely to come in handy on your mission to gaining financial independence and avoiding student loans.

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